Blogging Again


It's time for my annual cleaning-up and dusting-off of the blog, because you never know when an emergency will strike and you'll be in desperate need of a blog, and that's when I'll be glad I've made the effort.  So, you, my faithful blog followers, may or may not notice that I've actually migrated my blog off of my own home-based, sitting-in-my-basement, old-computer-looking server to the magical world of Google (who owns blogger/blogspot).  So, like nearly everything else in my life that I depend on, my blog now sits on a server owned by Google, somewhere in the world.  It's been fun and educational hosting my own web server at home, but I'm getting tired of trying to keep it hack proof and worrying that it might actually already be compromised by hacker/terrorists and be serving as the hosting service for al-Qaeda operations.  And so I'm shutting it down and moving stuff out to blogger and continuing to put a lot of faith in Google that they won't decide to become evil and do bad things with all of my personal information.

I've tried to make this blog look as much like the old design as possible, not because it was spectacular, but because I didn't have any ideas for a different look.  I even got my random image generating header working here.  I'm going to move some of my old posts from my old blog to this one so that those of you who refer often to my informative posts will not lose that history (and so it doesn't look so dang empty and stuff).

I'm also hoping that this effort will revive my desire to be a more prolific and value-providing blogger.  I've been pretty bad the last year and the really sad thing is that there have been many times that I've been thinking about something that I thought would make a good blog entry.  I considered going Twitter for a while, but I've decided that just doesn't make any sense for me.  When I actually want to write, I want to sit down and take some time and write a thoughtful piece of prose and not 140 characters of Jeff trivia.  So consider this notice that there will be more regular posting from here on.  The topics will probably stray from my normal tech/fast food topics and could head into some uncharted waters.  We'll see...


eduardnacht said...
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